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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Are we ever happy?

As Humans are we ever happy?

Are we ever happy? I mean as a human we complain an awful lot if you think about it? I guarantee you have spoken to at least one person today who, has complained about something. I no I did it the other day. I went to pick my eldest up from nursery and the nursery manager asked if I was ok. To which I replied 'yes, even better if it wasn't raining'.

This brings me on the probably THE most complained about thing which is the weather. I no being from England that this is a complaint made by everyone here. It just never seems to make its mind up. Some days it is like all the seasons have rolled in to one day! However you ask any British person in ANY country and they will complain about the weather. Its too hot or too cold. Its too wet, or too humid. The most hilarious thing is well we just cannot change the weather it is what it is! People just like to complain.

The second most complained about thing is probably, peoples significant others. They do not pick up after themselves, they never do the washing, they never do the night feeds, they never change nappies, they never do what we ask. When really we forgot to ask them to do the thing we are complaining about. Your other half is something/one we can change. However who is actually going to do that, so instead just accept they aren't that all of the above falls on your head and well find something else to complain about.

The next thing people complain about is their weight. Yet again this is something I do on a daily basis and yet I still haven't sorted it out. Weight is something we can sort out ourselves (bar the people who medically struggle). I always complain but I don't stop eating a small childs weight in chocolate. I have definitely ordered a takeaway rather then cook something healthy.

As is well documented British people like to queue, no matter where you go you will always find one. In fact we queue when there isn't a queue just someone stood still long enough for one to form. However we will stand in a queue to complain about the queue.

I think it is safe to say that no matter what we will always have something to complain tomorrow take count of how many people complain about the trivial stuff!

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