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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Coping with sick children.

Coping with sick children.

Hello if this is the first post you have found of mine you may need some background first. I'm Rebecca I am a stay at home mum with 2 boys and a husband. Our children are 4 and 1 years old and we have had a few health problems with the boys. Our eldest had allergies from birth. He was allergic to cow's milk protein and eggs. So because he was diagnosed at 8 months we had to get very clued up about food, you wouldn't believe what contains dairy in any form. As hard as this was in itself I was also breast feeding. I had from day one but I would feed him what seemed every hour day and night because he was always hungry and I breastfed him until he was 16 months because the formula they gave was disgusting. So I was extra extra tired, then a little over a year ago he started with ear infection and July just gone he had his adenoids out and grommets in...however we think his tonsils are starting to be a problem now. Also our youngest was born with an innocent heart murmur.

So now the background is done with, how do you cope with your children being ill. Well for me if there is anytime for yourself at all relax or take a nap. If you have more then one child this becomes increasingly difficult nevermind when your kids are ill.

Always make sure you have medicine in and paracetamol and ibuprofen, because you no you will always run out at 3am when one of the kids is screaming down the house.

Patients remember it maybe hard for your child to be able to tell you what is wrong properly but ask them more then once, and trust me telling the doctor it feels like spiders in their ears makes more sense to them then you think.

Also as hard as it is when you haven't slept for a week and, and yet they want you to sit with them at 2 am only to wake you at 6am like nothing happened. Take a breath and crack on. Trust me this is hard you only realise sleep is precious when you don't have any.

If you do not think what the doctor is telling you is right then ask for another opinion, use your mummy or daddy powers and listen to your gut because you know your child the best. I have pressured doctors in the past and sat for ages telling them everything that has happened just so they know everything.

Remember your child may not eat a lot whilst poorly but as long as they are drinking and going to the toilet then this is good.

Also keep up your strength if you child(ren) are not eating it is easy for you to forget to have something to eat but you really do need it.

Hopefully if your children are ill they will get better quickly and you will all be back at sleeping soundly. If not the crazy train of sleep deprivation is interesting to say the least. You are not any less a mum or dad if you ask for help. You cannot help your child if you are neglecting yourself. Most of all remember it will pass and hopefully quickly!

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