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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Finding inspiration in everything!

Finding inspirations in everything!

Well i wasn't planning on this blog,but i thought why not, it may or may not be useful to someone (ha ha see i think people actually read this blog).

It has been exactly 12 days since i started my blog. I know im a baby blogger not in the sense that im a baby but, more of a 'this blog has just been born' sense. However i have found myself getting very comfortable writing a blog post. However i still haven't a clue really about blogging or adding linkys or any other fancy thing i have read on Twitter. Oh and yes that is new to be too. More on that later.

When i decided to actually write a blog and get started, (which took me about 3 years), i thought to myself, i don't actually do alot i am a stay at home mum (SAHM for all those 'with it' people), i take my 4 year old to nursery, my one year old just runs around, and to be fair all i do is cook and clean. Oh and annoy the husband after he finishes work but im sure thats my wifely duty! To be fair before blogging i just read the news all day which is just depressing! 
So i really didn't think i had anything to offer and inspiration, i felt wasn't something i would find at home. 

How wrong was I?! It may be a conversation with my husband (shock we do speak from time to time), maybe a passing converstation with the mums at nursery, even just walking down the street i can find inspiration. From the little time i have been blogging it has opened my eyes and made me look at things differently. 

If you are thinking of blogging or have just started, then i think being yourself, all be it a bit of a clichè, is definately the easy way to do things. Do not try to hard to write something. If it doesnt come easy like having a converstaion with someone, then you maybe over thinking it. Write about what you enjoy the most, your passions, something that hit home with you. And as i found out this week. Have a notebook with you or a note app on your phone, when inspiration or ideas come to you, it is always a good idea to write it down there and then. You may think you will remember as i have done this within these 12 days, however after the kids decided to paint their facing with yoghurt or at is trying to eat the hamster, it is natural for you to forget.

Well 12 days have passed and my passion for blogging is growing. 
Even my ability to use twitter is getting better, even with all the hashtags. The constant posting and commenting i feel like 
I am possible coming across annoying. However twitter moves so fast people do not always see your tweet. You are not in the same time zone as everyone either. You do not want your blogger just ready my people in your country. Post away and enjoy yourself.

Lastly i hope everything goes well for you all. Please leave a comment with your blog links.

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