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Friday, 6 January 2017

Friday Fun Fact

Friday Fun Fact

So I wanted to start a little series, that would be both be funny to read and, a lovely little way to make sure, there is at least one amazing moment each week that will serve as lasting memories. So some weeks there may only be one stand out moment and others there maybe a few! So please join me sharing your family fun facts of the week using #fridayfunfact

This week unfortunately we have been the house of coughs and colds. Luckily though we all seemed to recover enough, to go out and enjoy our eldest sons 4th birthday. This is what lead us to what I consider the fun fact of our week.

The back story is my son got a minion birthday cake, he didn't think you could get a cake in the shape of a minion. So to check it was real he literally bit in to it (yes the candles had been removed by this point). I guess there was no better quick way of knowing if it was really cake. However it did leave the minion with a rather wet sloppy eye! Which obviously was removed before the cake was eaten!

Yes nose and drool all over the minions eye and glasses

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