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Friday, 20 January 2017

friday fun fact

Friday Fun Fact

Well this week started out well and then Wednesday came around and the snot and coughing returned to my eldest. It is amazing how much mucus a small child can produce, within a matter of hours.

So apart from my two boys going through their little fighting and hugging thing that they seem to do all the time. I tell them to be careful and not to be to rough, then they go and hug it out!

This is actually the moment of my week. Here it has been raining a lot. On Monday i think it rained all day, so i went and picked up my eldest up from nursery. I was cold and very wet, so what do you do on a 20 minute walk home in the cold and the rain with a 4 year old?

You jump in ALL of the puddles big or small and the deeper the better! My son said to me 'oh no mummy my trousers are all wet' so we jumped in a bigger puddle and drenched the both of us!

I did however get a few different looks from other people. It was either people smiling wishing they could do the same or, it was people looking at me like I'm crazy jumping in puddles, well until they see I'm with my son.

It was good to have fun like i was a child to be carefree and trying to jump in the puddles first, my son is to fast and beat me all the time!

So when you are out next i dare you jump in a few puddles, it will be the best fun you have had in a while! Just maybe only do it on the way home....might be an explanation you do not want to tell your boss!

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