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Friday, 27 January 2017

Friday fun fact

                        Friday fun fact

Its friday again which means the fun fact of the week. To be fair there has been so many hilarious silly moments. Me and the kids have had a crazy silly week.
However today it must be the walk home from nursery. We all know the journey home, espcially when walking, is boring and, well quite stressful. The kids are normally tired from running round all morning, and the parents want to click their fingers and be home.
So to make it at little bit more tolerable, we made a game up. We did our usual walk like a ninja (you walk very slow and quietly) then you run. But to make it more intersting after the running bit we have to hop, then jump, then spin around, then touch your toes and, then your nose.
It was so much fun and we were home in no time due to the running!
The looks i got from other people though, were priceless! Didn't bother me if i looked silly, the eldest boy loved it and the youngest was fast asleep in his pushchair!

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