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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Making decisions as parents

Making Decisions as Parents!

So you make a decision to start a family and probably also decide how many children you would like. (which probably changes after your first arrives).
You know as parents that you will have to make some big decisions about your child(rens) future so you prepare yourself for that responsibility. However sometimes you may not always agree with your other half then what happens? Personally for me you would have to literally write down the pros and cons about the situation and then take a decision based of the facts, sometimes you have to be unbiased and what is really best for the child.

Luckily the first big decision I had to make was completely supported by my husband and that was to stop eating dairy to make the doctors see my son had an allergy (I was breastfeeding at the time). It was scary to go against doctors advice but I knew as his mum what was wrong, and I couldn't see him in pain any longer! We finally got a referral when he was 8 months old and we only got this because we had to give him a food that contained dairy and show the doctor for them to believe us!

Secondly we had to decide if to give our son an operation or not. He had to have his Adenoids out and Grommets put it. Obviously as parents if you do not need to put them forward for an operation, and you do anything not to, unfortunately the only option we had was more anti-biotics, but they hadn't worked for him for 9 months previous. So me and my husband weighed up the pros and cons and no matter how much we tried it all pointed to an operation.

As for everyday decisions like schooling, clothing, food, discipline, bed times, medicines, and activities to name a few, As parents we are constantly making decisions on behalf of our children, Are these the right decisions? Are they going to benefit the child? Or are they going to harm our child?
Making decisions for your child is a parents responsibility and sometimes you have to go against what you think is best, and go for what will really be best for your child.
My sons are 4 and 1 and where we can we allow out 4 year old to voice his opinion and we have found that this can sometimes really help you make the decision necessary.
The decisions we make for our children and family we do out of love, even if them decision are not what they want, you need to stay strong and no confidently why you made the decision.

And remember with all this decision making we may make mistakes at times, and thats ok. We are only human and alot of the situations we are put in we would never of been in before.
Always remember if you unsure about a medical decision then ask a million question or get a second opnion. You may also be able to ask other parents on a forum.
For everything else do your research,ask parent friends of yours. No one will laugh at you because at some point we all will have to make decisions, its what being a parent is about!

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