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Monday, 30 January 2017

She's a super mum and i'm a mess

She's a super mum and i'm a mess

This came up with a mum friend of mine! I finally thought 'yes i wasn't the only one'. 

When my first son was born well i was, a big fat mess! Yep a complete mess and fat i put 4 stone on! The mess part was because i had an infection in my episiotomy and the fat bit well i ate to much chocolate cake! We all learn by our mistakes! 

About 6 months after having my eldest, i started to look at other mums and most seemed younger then me and i was only 25! 
Anyway they seemed like super mums, their babirs were dressed and looked adorable, they were dressed and looked amazing with their hair, nails and make-up done! They looked like they would of pre baby! I was jealous a little bit i'm not going to lie.

I was lucky if i remembered to brush my teeth and hair on the same day! I was still in stretchy jeans and maternity tops! Which might i add either had baby sick, wee or poo all over! Make-up was a distant memory and as for my nails, they were as short as possible, to stop pop from getting underneath!

Also these other mums were outside, i was watching from my living room window (creepy i know).  I barely left the house for 1. I was breastfeeding and didn't feel comfortable in public and 2. My son had allergies and was sick alot, therefore fed about every 60-90 mins! 

I felt a bit of a failure to be honest! How did these young girls do it?  What kind of witchcraft did they do, so they could have it all together, yet here i was kind of falling apart! 

Then after talking to other mums i realised i was the normal one! I looked after my baby on my own! Yes i had a husband but he worked crazy hours at the time! I had family to help, but i raely asked for it! On a day to day basis my hair, nails and make-up didn't bother me! Yes i was now bigger then i was, oh well i can get rid of some fat!

4 years on and i have another child to! I leave the house all the time. I do sometimes forget to brush my teeth still, make-up hardly touches my face and my hair is in a ponytail! I am still a mess and i have just started to lose weight!

I am not a failure though! I do everything for my kids and its ok if i look a mess! I admire the women who look amazing i need your powers! I am not jealous anymore, i am happy being the hot mess of a mum that i am! 

If your a new mum, its ok to look a mess and be a bit flabby, and its ok to look amazing and flawless! You do whatever is right for you and your child. Do not try and me someone you aren't. Do not judge or compare yourself! You never know that mum you see, maybe this is the first time she looked put together after a baby! No matter what we all look amazing! Own your skin and own your mind! 

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