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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Society says.....

Society Says.....

Society says.......we are in 2017 and well quiet frankly this world has changed! The labels we grew up with do not always apply now! However not everyone would like to agree.

Me and my husband are quiet traditional in our views to certain things like respecting people and generally treating people how you want to be treated. However we also believe everyone has a place in this world to be who they want to be after all it is their life, live it how you would want to.

The other day I was stood outside my son's nursery when me and two other mums got talking about what society says people should be like.
For example 'Boys should be boys'.....I have two very boisterous boys, they both enjoy play fighting and playing with toy trucks. However my 4 year old loves having his hair done from going to the barbers to having it styled, he like his nails filed after having them cut, and he like to take pride in his appearance. 
Society say hes shouldn't be so 'girly' but if he enjoys all this stuff then who is he really harming!?

When I was younger I was a proper tomboy, my hair was always in a pony tail and if you gave me a dress I would rip it up. Society says I should of been in pretty dresses and playing with my dolls or being trained to do kitchen duties. Why?  Why should I if I do not want to. My life doesn't affect yours so why pass judgement.

Even growing up society says you should be thin blonde and perfect....I never wanted to be and I will never be.

Also men should be muscular and tall dark and handsome, but what if you aren't? Does that make you any less of a man? NO it doesn't not at all, it makes you is an individual!

So if you are reading this, if anyone tries to tell you shouldn't be doing that then ignore them an carry on. As long as you are safe and it doesn't harm anyone then live for you.
What society says is useless and outdated. Be happy be healthy be you! If people do not want to accept you for who you are inside then you do not need them people. Do not try and fit in to a circle of people be the circle, inspire and admire yourself!

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