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Monday, 9 January 2017

Why i started my blog and my inspirations.

Why I started my blog and my inspirations.

Lets rewind about 3 years and, I find myself about 8/9 months away from my wedding. With the 'Big Day' getting closer, I found myself needing inspiration for make-up and my hair, I was doing it myself and to be fair I am and probably always will be crap at both of them! Never the less I started watching Youtube videos. So with a cuppa tea I searched for inspiration. I stumbled across Shaaanxo, Karissa Pukas, Luxy hair and Kayley Melissa. All four of these youtubers helped me so much.

However I started searching for British Youtubers who could recommend products and places to buy them on the uk high street. This is when I found Mikhila from Miss Budget Beauty  and Diary of a Spendaholic. She is an honest beauty blogger who helped me with knowledge of make up and at a cheap price point, also she has a son the same age as my eldest and it got me thinking maybe I could do something to challenge me more, as a stay at home mum.

Also after I had my first son I  put on quiet a bit of weight and wanted to find real plus size people who are confident and happy. Through watching Mikhila I found Emma from Its Em Channel, she shown me you can be plus size and look bloody good, this girls wardrobe is to die for.

Recently within the past year I have found an amazingly honest and real mummy blogger in Emma from Brummymummyof2, and I must say she has been a massive inspiration because even though it was Mikhila and Emma (itsemchannel) that got me starting to think4 about blogging and possibly youtube. Brummymummy Emma really started the inspiration train. Because firstly I love make-up but I do not own a lot of it and I'm crap at it, and my confidence to be about fashion and my size just is no where near that of Emma, However brummymummy is well a normal mum who blogs about daily life and how crap it can be, however makes it hilariously funny! And all that crap, tat and stationary is a goal i need to achieve.

Through Mikhila I found a wonderful woman called Cass from Clutterbug and also through Cass a lovely lady Kimmie from She's in her apron. These ladies have helped with Slowly organising my life and I mean slowly, I am far far from having my s**t together.

All of these ladies combined have each had their fair share of inspiration for me, and without finding youtube that time 3 years ago and stumbling across these videos I probably would not be here writing this blog now. So thank you ladies you all deserve a mention and I hope you are all well.

There is nothing more inspirational then people you can relate to and show that time to time life chucks crap at you, its how you deal with it that matters.

Has anyone inspired you to do something you otherwise maybe would not of done? 


  1. Ah thanks for the inclusion! Good luck! xxx

  2. Thank you for the mention! I love hearing people's "chain" of blog discovery!! It's so fun to know how people find everyone they follow x

    1. Me too. I think its crazy how quickly searching for aomwhing can start a complete new journey for you.