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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Where will parenting bloggers be in 10 years?

Where will parenting blogger be in 10 years?

Well what an interesting question! Being a newbie parenting blogger this got me thinking! Would i still be blogging in 10 years? Would i still be blogging about parenting stuff? Would i run out of thinks to say?

Then i got to thinking about all the established parenting bloggers! Are some only seeing success because of them having young children? Or no matter what will people always be able to relate? Or are teenagers, just not that interesting, to read about so, essentially the blogger will be a personal blogger, rather then a parenting one?

Personally in 10 years my kids will be 14 and 11 and although slightly independent they will still be at home, still giving me a million and one things to write about.

What about the bloggers whos kids will be adult by then? Will they become reminisant parenting bloggers? Or will there be a new niche of parenting of adult children, who are waiting to become a granparent blogger?

However the biggest question is will there even be bloggers in 10 years? With the digital age changing so fast. (Trust im 29 and have no clue about most things digital.) Will we need to adapt and become something else we may or may not understand?

Either way with all my questions asked i no one thing as a parent to 2 boys, life will always a crazy mine field, that even if blogging doesnt exist, whatever way i can share the amazing moments, and the quite frankly shit moments of being a parent i will be there!

I wonder what others think of this question. Even more interesting would be if anyone thinks they have an answer to the question!

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