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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why i took a few weeks off

     Why i took a few weeks off blogging

This was not my intention. Life just happened and weeks later i realise i have only blogged a few times! 2017 has not been very kind.

If i had it my way i would not of taken any time off whilst trying to start a blog. I barely know anything about blogging or being a blogger! I was just getting in the swing of things and then my priorities had to go somewhere else!

Well to cut a long story short (there may be a rant post coming soon) my gran was diagnosed with heart and renal failure, we were told the doctors didn't see why she wouldn't be here for at least 6 months. Well in 2 weeks she was gone!
So that is why i had to take a few weeks off, also i may not post the normal 5 days until after the funeral.

I still want to grow my blog and hopefully i will be able to do it! So sorry once again! Hope you are all well.