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Monday, 20 March 2017

When parents turn bad!

When Parents Turn Bad
Do you get judged if you do not talk to your parents!

This shocks most people when they find out that someone doesn't speak to one or both of their parents! I myself feel like I am judged for not speaking to my mum!

In the lead up to mothers day, you cannot move for adverts saying 'Show your Mum how special she is'. However what if you mother is far from special to you?? Growing up as a girl it is almost drilled in to you that your mum is you best friend. However sometimes they can be toxic to you. What do you do then when you simply do not fit in to what you have been told to believe?

I stopped talking to my mum almost 4 years ago when my eldest was 5 months old. And I have never been happier. It has benefitted my family and she isn't missed!

As a mum myself I cannot understand how you can make your child not to want to talk to you, it wasn't as if I hadn't told her how I felt.

She didn't like my boyfriend, who is now my husband and father of my children. She wasn't happy when I fell pregnant and she basically wanted me to have the life she wanted and didn't care if I liked it. She tried her best to break us up, it clearly didn't work as we are still together and still strong!

You always hear people saying that if someone is negative and brings you down then to cut them out your life. Well same goes for family.

It is hard when you are used to a certain person in your life, however ultimately your happiness needs to be what you look after!

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